HyperSound® Directed Audio Systems.

Sound where you want it and nowhere else.

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Designed to target a specific listening area, HyperSound technology uses a tightly focused directional beam of sound that is heard by those in the targeted area. Unlike a conventional speaker, sound is not created omni-directionally at the speaker surface but is created along and within a highly directional air column. Sound is only heard if a listener's head is within the beam or the beam hits a reflective surface whereupon sound is created at the point of reflection. By directing the beam and locating reflective surfaces you can control the area and dispersion of sound.

The high precision targeting of the HyperSound significantly minimizes the levels of noise pollution in both open and confined spaces and anywhere else ambient noise is an issue. HyperSound cuts through other ambient noise so the targeted area gets a clear high-fidelity audible message. Staff and others are not distracted by unwanted audio since audio is focused and placed where you want it and nowhere else.

Highly Directional

  • Ultimate control in audio placement

  • Minimizes noise pollution and clutter

Ease of Installation

  • Media source, amplifier and emitters located as needed

  • Compact form factor

  • Lightweight

  • Flexible mounting

Cost Efficient

  • Economical to purchase

  • Economical to install

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Low cost of ownership

Proven Technology Solution

  • Delivering directed sound solutions since 2004

  • Largest retail installation base for directional audio

  • Recent innovations deliver improved sound clarity and volume at reduced cost

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